Sunday, January 27, 2013

GRH4V: War on Smokers, and Veterans be Dammed.

It is bad enough that under the Administration of Sara Dunne, the Veterans lost their in building smoking rooms. And it took them a year to put up the smoking tent area outside, another year to get the heat working in it, and now it appears they are refusing to let them go out and use the area at night, instead forcing them to go outside of the main entrance where there is no heat.

The smoking rooms that once existed, were a single room on each floor where veterans could go and have a smoke in the winter time. These rooms had extra ventilation, and the veterans were responsible for maintaining them and cleaning them.  They were taken away when Michigan put a Ban on all smoking in public places under Former Governor Granholm.  The vets homes were supposed to get an exemption - they never did.. NOR did current Governor Rick Snyder sign the exemption.

Then They agreed to put up a smoking area outside on the Pavilion. The home reported to the state congress that it was completed, and only when one of the congressmen came to see it, and found they hadn't even started it, was the job even started.. Then there was no heat.

The heaters sat on the loading doc of the volunteer group who had paid for them for 2 months before they got installed in March of that winter. Still they were not turned on for lack of inspections.  Then in July of that year, they finally got them inspected and approved.

The next winter, a mild one by any standard, the heaters worked and the guys had an area to go in, and they had problems with home less guys hanging out there.
Both veterans and staff members would go out to the area, to have smokes at all times of the night. Many veterans simply cannot sleep a straight 8 hours or even 4 at a time.  So they go out have a smoke then return to bed.

Now I am told that between midnight and 430 am, the double doors to the pavilion area  are locked, and veterans have to go outside the main entrance, which has no heat.. and veterans in nursing units are being required to have a care giver go with them, during those times;  - isn't that false imprisonment?

This is what is being reported to me. IF the information is wrong please take advantage of the comments section and drop me a note telling me what is really going on.   Thanks.

This is Michigan Snubbing its Veterans..

May the ghosts of past veterans haunt those who are responsible for this continuing travesty.

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