Friday, February 1, 2013

When do they put the Bars on the windows at Grand Rapids Prison (home) for Veterans?

Oh My God. I cannot believe what I have just seen with my own eyes today.  I had to go to the VA clinic today for a special checkup, due to the edema problem with my leg, and I stopped into the smoking tent area at the home.

First, I could smell the smoke about 15 feet away. Ducking inside I found familiar faces. John was there, Fred was there, Jerry L was there, and he didn't say a word to me. Other guys I knew were there too, but I only talked to a few. The one person I wanted to see had already been there and gone.

I was told that the home was locking the doors at night, and refusing access to the smoking tent to the men there.

Sure enough that is what they are planning on doing. Here is the sheet showing what doors will be locked and when.

They are turning the place into a prison. Its a wonder none of those guys have gone postal yet.

Michigan: Shame on you for allowing this.

It is bad enough that the Granholm Administration did not grant the Veterans home an exemption to the NON smoking ban imposed on the Michigan people, when other retirement homes and places were given exemptions.

It is bad enough that after the ban was issued, the Veterans of this facility had to endure a full winter without a warm place outside to go to have their tobacco. 

It is bad enough that they finally agreed to a smoking tent area, to be heated, and to be built with private, donated funding, that took 2 years to complet.

It is bad enough that the Administration reported to the government that the Smoking area was completed when in fact it had not even been started, and was only started when a congressman came to inspect the area and found it didn't exist!

It is bad enough that the area didn't get the heaters installed until midwinter, and then they were not allowed to be used until the middle of SUMMER of that year!

Now during this time, the home did NOT lock the doors on anyone. And any veteran or staff member could go outside and have a smoke in the tent, even at 3am. And at the Vets some, some of the guys ARE in fact, awake and able to go out for a smoke, and do.

But now once again, the are being refused their freedom to go out and have a smoke between 12 midnight and 4am.  The doors are locked.. isn't that false imprisonment?

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