Thursday, February 14, 2013

Public Apology: Sometimes good intentions end up being bad.

I am trying to figure out how to write this without causing more damage to a friend.

Some time ago, I posted a note here, about things I saw happening with a group of friends, which was resulting in the group breaking apart. In doing so, I repeated what is now seen as non factual speculations; in other words gossip from one individual.

This caused distress in one of the others, both of whom are friends of mine.

I publicly apologize for any damage, or any hard feelings that the posting may have caused. It was online for less than 3 hours and was removed, with yet a 3rd friend saw it and suggested I remove it.

It was not my intention on causing havoc, rather than it was my intention on using this forum to inform. But unproven gossip is not informing - its chaos, and that is non productive.

In the future, I will take steps to ensure that postings here contain factual information that can be backed up with either personal testimony, or documentation.

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