Thursday, May 31, 2012

Judge Murkowski goes Ballastic, Claims he is helping veterans, how we don't know.

Unfortunately I did not get to go to the hearing for Cheryl Ware's contempt of court. I hear I would have seen some fire works. I had a medical issue that had to be attended to.

Apparently ONE of you people are copying every thing I write in this blog, and took copies of it to the Judge who blew a gasket upon reading it. - GOOD. It shows a true level of unprofessionalism. Instead of blowing a gasket you should have merely commented that you are trying to help veterans and that the person who wrote this blog must be misunderstanding things. But the fact that you got angry, tells me that you are knowingly NOT protecting veterans. And, probably doing things you are not supposed to be doing as a judge, too.

Well, if the truth hurts, stop doing the stuff that gets you into trouble Mr. Murkowski.. What I am doing here is called FREEDOM OF SPEECH, one of the very first rights GUARANTEED (protected) by this nations charter and by Michigan States Charter.

Mr. Murkowski, if you are for the veterans, then how do you justify your court order that was tearing the Ware family apart, not letting them have contact with each other? How is that "being for veterans"?!!

And how do you account for the way your guardians are stealing from veterans? Did you make Cynthia Thornbury explain the 31,000 dollars she stole from Richard Ware's bank account to pay for an attorney to get him a divorce from his wife? Did you make her explain what she did with the proceeds from the sale of Richards car?  No?

Did you make Thornbury explain why Fred Plicta does NOT have access to his money and why she closed down his bank account at the local Chase bank? No? Then how are you for the veterans?

And who ever heard of a contempt of court charge costing someone 2 thousand dollars because they were given the wrong court date to appear? THEN you twisted that into something else so that you could judiciously steal a larger sum of money from Mrs and Mr. Ware.  -- They are still married!  3 days to pay 5,000 or so in fines? Are you out of your frigging mind?  Are you willfully committing treason against the people of Michigan while claiming to serve them?  How is this serving Veterans? How is tearing apart their family serving The general public or that veteran? YOU JUDGE Murkowski, are the one who has created this picture, not us. If our perception is wrong, it is because of how YOU handled the case. We see the results. And Results speak louder than intentions or words.

I for one hope the information that I was given was wrong.. As soon as I get a copy of the court order, I will make corrections to this blog entry, IF any are needed. I am sure I will get a copy sooner or later. All I have to do is sit and be patient and someone will sooner or later, show me a copy. 

And that is just ONE of many guardians under your control that are SCREWING OVER the veterans they supposedly serve. I am sure there are many more, by what we have seen.

I am told it was Karen Fuji who took the copies of this blog to the court room.  Information gathered indicates that Karen Fuji  is one who suggested Cynthia Thornbury to be the Guardian of Richard Ware and a number of other veterans.

Sources are telling me that Karen Fuji is some how connected with Thornbury and Murkowski, and that Fuji is part of the problem, not the solution. Perhaps Fuji needs to be brought to task to explain how her apparent friend Thornbury is helping veterans by stealing from them.

Maybe Fuji is just another example of the useless overpaid so called Counselors here, that sit on their duffs and do nothing more than push paper work around so it looks like they are doing something while collecting salaries of over 50 thousand per year from Michigan Taxpayers.  - And Lansing wonders where it can cut the budget? Start here, with these nearly worthless counselors.

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