Thursday, May 17, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in progress part 27, Stealing from those who donate.

One of the guys here have told me that something changed,  with the way Bingo Games are done and its due to a person working here named Sue.

Until just this week, when a group comes in, all the people who are volunteers to sign a sign-in sheet, and the sheet also contains the amount of money the group is donating to the home. 3 copies are made. One for the front office, one for the volunteer office, and one for the group who made the donation. But this time they did not have to do so, because this Sue person, said they did not have to.

When volunteers bring in money for Bingo, Now they are directed to give it to the volunteer office, which then gives them a bunch of envelops containing money.

What is wrong with this you ask? Well, for one, no one is sure if the amount being given by the volunteer group is the same amount being given out as winnings at bingo. Which would mean someone at the home is skimming money off the donated money.

Second, putting a 1 dollar bill into a 50 cent envelope is stupid.  It is a waste of money or donated envelops, and of resources.

We already have proof that the Volunteer office is "loosing" donations, or misplacing them and we have good evidence to suggest they are skimming money from donations and that donations are being use for purposes other than their intention. That is why we have lost so many groups in this last 14 month time period.

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