Thursday, May 17, 2012

GRH4V: Crime in progress, Lost hero's

This list will contain the names of people and organizations that have either been driven out, kicked out, or have left and/or stopped making donations to GRH4V because of the poor administration and its policies. It will be updated as information becomes available.

1. Elks club.
2. Purple Heart Association.
3. Don Kramer of Purple Heart
4. Kevin and his dog Nevaeh whom members loved, and who grew up from a puppy while coming here.
5. Bill, Elks club Volunteer who helped run Kozy Korners for years.
6. Knights of Columbus decided NOT to make a huge donation after they learned of missing donations.
7. Michigan DAV Group, is still giving 5 dollar bingo's over the objections of the administration.
8. Big John and his Mom, and family who ran the clothing room and who where driven out of the clothing room, still volunteer here at Kozy Korners and Poker. The administration claims they quit - they did not, and the new clothing room is a disgrace to all of us.
9. J & J,  VFW Post ___ made a Christmas donation that never got to veterans until after they inquired. If they had not, we would never have gotten their Christmas gift. And we got it 3 weeks after Christmas.

More as info becomes available.
If anyone knows of any group that belongs on this list, please leave a comment.

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