Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guitars for Veterans burned by poor GRH4V Administration

This makes me very angry. I really get upset and get irritated when some group of rejects horn in on the accomplishments of others, and trying to take even partial credit for their success just burns me up. Makes me want to go slap some sense into their thick heads.

Apparently the Local Chapter of Guitars for Veterans held a Memorial Day Fund Raiser, at a local VFW post in Grandville Michigan. Members of the GRH4V Guitar for Veterans Class were invited to go, and buss was scheduled for them to use.

That's where the poor administrating garbage started .  

Apparently some Belvue Genius thought that ANY veteran was invited, and they loaded up the buss with non Guitar class members. There was no room for the class members, so the veterans who took the class, did not get to go. Then a few volunteers used their own cars to take a few of the class members to the fund raiser. Not everyone who wanted to go from the class, was able to.

In fact, one of the member-instructors has told me that he posted the information on Rankin 3,  three different times and each time the information was torn down by someone.

This is not the only time in recent weeks that this administration has tried to horn in on the activities planned for, paid for, and executed by people OTHER than the Home's activity personnel who can't even handle a proper bingo, let alone something as complicated as a fund raiser.

And this is becoming the NORMAL operating procedure for the home.. I just learned of ANOTHER example of extremely poor judgement on behalf of the Temporary Administer, Sara Dunn, and serves as another example of why she must be replaced.

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