Thursday, August 7, 2014

Problems with member council at the vets home.

So, K.H., a veteran at the home, and Gary Davis, who represents Disabled Veterans at the home, call a member council meeting that takes place without enough member officers present to have a proper quorum, and they announce that KH who is not a duly elected Council officer is going to write new by laws for the member council???   How is that legal under the current rules, regulations, by laws, or what ever?

And who gave Gary Davis the authority to proceed with this project?

Who is running that place, Sara Dunne, Gary Davis, or Earnest Meyers, (or some other member of the board of managers). Also reported is that Board of manager Lino Pretto has been haunting the home lately, something most of the board of mangers never do.. what is going on with that?
Is he now running the home?

Something here smells fishy.. we are going to keep an eye on this to find out whats going on.

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