Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family of Andy Ball, allowed to sue the Veterans home.

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Family of elderly veteran beaten to death at the Home for Veterans can sue the state, court says


The Michigan Court of Claims found that while the government is immune from lawsuits when it is engaging in governmental functions, this lawsuit arises from the claim that the employees at the home were medically and otherwise negligent in caring for Ball.

Two of three Michigan Court of Appeals judges affirmed the lower court decision, but appeals Judge Joel Hoekstra dissented, saying that because the lawsuit is not about medical malpractice, but the general actions of government employees, the immunity should stand.

Blog Ed's note..

Even the General Actions of State of Michigan Government employees should be subject to possible suit, and accountability if said actions result in a death or serious damage to a Citizen.   Judge Hoekstra wants to create a total state of immunity for wrong doing government workers. And that just isn't right. 

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