Monday, August 18, 2014

Impregnable wall of silence surrounds Michigan Veterans home while abuse continues without any oversight.

Something is wrong with the State of Michigans veterans home in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Local media refuse to publish stories on complaints made by veterans. Local police refuse to take complaints by veterans and/or family members.

State Legislatures are ordered off the facility grounds by the Administration and are refused access to talk to veterans without a staff member being present; which reminds me of the political officers of the KGB in the USSR.

State legislatures refusal to provide an independent ombudsman for veterans while people in Michigans Prisons have them.

Numerous deaths occurred at the home over the last 5 years due to a number of  situations that should be investigated as wrongful deaths.

Deaths related to veterans being forced to go outside in cold weather to have a smoke, instead of the legislature giving the home an exemption for smoking rooms for winter time; as many retirement homes have.

Deaths related to the over drugging of veterans.

Deaths related to the use of psychotic  drugs, without qualified personnel being present to over see their usage,  as required by law.

Deaths related to poor meals, and the increase of diabetes in veterans due to poor diet of high carbohydrates.

Theft of Veterans personal property by staff members as punishments, this could also be seen as abuse of the elderly.

Just to name a few charges that need to be investigated.  

Misuse of donated funds, misuse of federal funds.

Abuse of veterans by State imposed guardians or conservators.

Abuse of veterans who dare to stand up and speak out - they get targeted for reprisals from the staff and/or discharged from the home.

Volunteers who speak up are banned from the property. Workers who speak up are fired.

The systematic taking of veterans assets while at the home, by State imposed Guardians or Conservators.

For the last 5 years several groups have tried to bring these problems to the attention of the public, and our government and our police forces when justified.. All have stood and remained silent on the issue claiming they are internal issues to the home.

Yet the home exists on Federal dollars. Without the influx of that money the home would most likely  be forced to shut down, because the state of Michigan does not want to have to fund it.

The wall of silence about what is happening to veterans at that facility must be broken down.

And to make matters worse, members of VFW, AMVets, Am Legion, and other Veterans organizations, don't want to get involved.

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