Friday, August 15, 2014

Is Systematic Abuse by State Appointed Guardians and family court helping to cause early deaths of veterans at the Michigan Veterans Home?

If you are an adult, and you are married, who comes first? Your spouse, right?

What if you become ill and need help and go to the hospital, and the hospital administration decides you need a court appointed guardian, what then?

What if the State court just decides to revoke the  power of attorney you gave your spouse, and appoints a guardian over you, without a hearing?  Is this not due process abuse?

And what if you have been married for over 45 years to the same man, and the guardian refuses to allow you to VISIT him?!! And sells your family home forcing you into a nursing home? Is this not abuse of not only your husband veteran, but you as well?

And what if that guardian immediately files for a divorce that neither you nor your spouse wants? Would you call that abuse by the guardian?

And what if that divorce never happens, but 20,000 of your money is spent on lawyer fees? Is this not abuse of your MONEY by the Guardian?

Or what if the guardian tells the home to make you take a psychotic drug, because the guardian is tired of you as a veteran, standing up for your rights, objecting to the presence of the guardian, and the decisions they are making on your behalf, for which you feel are not the right decisions?  Is this abuse?

And during your time under this guardian, your ID is stolen 3 times, resulting in your credit history being ruined, the guardian sells your car, but cannot account for the money. Is this also abuse?

And what if someone calls your Home Mortgage company, claiming to be your wife, wanting to refinance your home, but finds out since they don't have the security code, they cannot proceed?  Is this Abuse of the person?  It is fraud, and it is a felony to misrepresent ones self as someone else in such legal matters. And it has happened more than once.

What if that Guardian instead of consulting your wife on maters, calls your Mother and Sister who both do not like your wife of 35+ years; and conspire with them for a full funeral, which you and your spouse do not want. The guardian puts a large sum of your money down as a deposit for a funeral that you don't even want. IS this Abuse? 

And instead of returning your belongings and finances to your wife, the guardian sends them to your Mother who has no legal right to them, is this not abuse (of the family by the guardian)?

What about over drugging you, or forcing you to take drugs you do not need, denying you the right to a second opinion, (from someone other than the homes medical staff), is this NOT abuse of the Veteran??

These abuses and the stress from having to endure this kind of treatment by people who are supposed to be helping you and looking out for your best interests, has terrible effects on the health of these veterans. It wears them down fast, and leads to an early grave.

These are abuses that have happened to various veterans who USED to live at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.  They are dead now.  And its still happening to many other veterans at the Home.

An investigation of how many veterans are appointed Guardians needs to be called for by members of  the US Congress.  And abuse of these veterans by the State family court, and the Guardians and/or conservators, needs to be investigated fully due to the fact that the State government won't lift a finger to help these veterans.

Local law enforcement refuses to get involved or take any complaints by veterans or their families. In stead they are referred to the State Attorney General, who represents the State in such matters, not the veterans. The veterans have no voice, no Ombudsman to speak for them.  No one. 

Karen Fugi (SP?), a counselor at the home, is one whose name keeps coming up as the person who has made the recommendations for guardianship.

The State Appointed guardian whose name keeps cropping up as letting these abuses happen is Cynthia Thornberry, (SP?) 

And the state judge who took away the spouse's rights is  State Family Court Judge David Murkowski whom himself has abused families and veterans, by doing what he calls "helping them".

Yeah right. They are helping themselves to the Veterans Money, and sending the Veteran to an early grave. That is not helping them.

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