Friday, March 28, 2014

Only Female Veteran in Dom unit, kicked out of the home.

That is right. The ONLY female Veteran on the Dom unit, has been kicked out of the vets home. 

Some folks say finally to that, as she was a person who had a drinking problem. Others say her drinking was because of how she was treated. It is known by several people at another drunken vet tried to rape her while she was at the home, and this lead to the staff allowing the lady vets to have locks on their room doors.

But all that doesn't matter. What does is the milestone that is marked by her passing.. Any other ladies left in Dom unit are non veterans. They are at best dependents of Veterans.

They are slowly, shutting down the Dom.

Most of the guys there in the last 5 years had drinking problems, which they never were given any help for. Apparently Michigan forgot about helping them for that problem.

Michigan is turning its back on its veterans.

Update: April 18, 2014. I have been informed that what got Annie kicked out of the home was an incident where she came back to the home drunk and one of the wheelchair bound veterans called her the N word on the elevator and that's when she lost it and tried to choke him.  It was the physical assault on the wheelchair bound veteran that got her kicked out of the home.

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