Monday, March 3, 2014

Does Michigan really care? Michigan LAST in spending per capita for veterans.

Listen to the Michigan radio broadcast (recorded)

Michigan is last when it comes to per-capita spending for veterans.

 There is no shortage of attention showered upon our veterans. A true bipartisan show of support happened during the State of the Union speech, when President Obama singled out wounded Army Ranger Cory Remsburg for a standing ovation.

We stand up to offer ovations, we wave flags, we cheer our vets, but what are we really offering them in terms of support?
When it comes to per-capita spending for veterans, Michigan is last in the nation.
What should we be doing for the 700,000 military veterans who call Michigan home?
Kristin Hass joined us today. She’s the American Culture Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Michigan. And she’s the author of "Sacrificing Soldiers: New War Memorials on the National Mall."
*Listen to our interview above.

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