Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Feb Minutes of the Board of managers, held in Lansing, Mich

Not a whole lot of information here to report really.

The home has asked the VA to reduce the bed numbers from 450 to 430..

They claim admission requests are not coming in as much as they want.  Maybe its because of the reputation of the home amongst veterans all over Michigan. And the fact that they are trying to close down the Dom unit.  The home many not want to admit it, but many veterans would rather die than have to apply at the home, due to the bad reputation it has had in the past. Only those who have no choice seem to think its a good place to be.. Well, if your choices are the street or the home, you are going to choose the home, despite the reported bad reputation. More so if you need nursing care and the VA is paying for it, as they will only pay for specific locations and not just anywhere.

They report that the VA did its yearly survey the last week in January and the VA says the home is giving positive comments about the care they give.

And that was about it. Not much really in the meeting minutes other than a bit of administration stuff.

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