Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thievery by staff, of members personal items must stop.

Been awhile since we posted last. We have been busy with our own projects and have not had a chance to get over to the home to visit with the guys, but later this month I will be going to the clinic, and after that I will be stopping in for a visit.

For the last few weeks, I have been getting reports of staff members taking personal property of veterans. What they do with it, I have no idea.. But if a staff member takes a veterans property, the veteran should inform Gary Davis, and Administrator Sara Dunn, and inform both of them they will file a criminal complaint with the local police authorities if the property is not returned.

Thievery by staff members must NOT be tolerated by any one. If a veteran has something that is not allowed to be in their possession by the Homes rules, the Home has already established procedures for the staff to follow, which includes informing the veteran and giving the veteran a chance to remove said property. Confiscation should only happen after administrative remedies have been exhausted, or when the safety of the veteran, other veterans, or the staff, are in imminent danger.

The latest of the 5 complaints I have heard, is a staff member went into a room where only one veteran was, and took his zippo lighters.

I believe there is a rule about having flammable accelerants on the property, but I know several guys in Dom unit, kept their zippo lighter fluid locked up in their personal drawers. I believe the same would apply to the nursing units.

Even if the lighters were out in the open, the staff should have notified the veteran to put them away in his personal drawer, and not have taken them.  Such actions upset the veterans making them uncooperative and irritated. That is not good for anyone.

To take a veterans property and not return it to the veteran is thievery. And the veteran should stand his/her ground and demand prosecution for doing so if the property is not returned.


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