Friday, March 23, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Stealing from Veterans Update

In a previous posting around August, entitled "Grand Rapids home for Veterans IS Stealing from veterans," I introduced you to Fred.

An update on Fred.

Yesterday, Fred got a cell phone text message from Chase bank where his money was supposed to be.

Fred had attempted to get a checking account with a debit card, and wanted his money moved there so that he could access it..

The result was the court appointed conservator emptied the bank account - and no one knows where that money is now, all 98 thousand plus dollars of it.

"Chase acct ####-#### balance $0.00 as of 03/23/2012 09:39:50 AM EDT was below the $50.00 amount in your Alerts settings."

It now appears, that despite what the judge said in his case, Fred does NOT have access to his money and the Home has successfully taken control of his funds.

I remind you that this money was settlement money, Fred got for being a victim of agent Orange, while serving as a MP in VietNam. It is HIS money and the man cannot get one dime of it, because the home does not like how he was spending it..

Fred was drinking. Yes, he got drunk.. but even in his power chair he never ran over any body, nor backed up into them, or anything like some of the other SOBER people do on a daily basis. Nor was he belligerent, or obnoxious.. sometimes a little loud because he wanted to be heard, but other wise behaved better than a lot of these guys do normally.

Fred would order out, and get pizza, spaghetti dinners, or steaks, or ribs. He also bought a lot of scratch off lottery tickets and of course, his daily half pint of rum. The home did not like how he was spending HIS money. And that is what it all boils down to.. that and his drinking.

Now he is being forced to go thru a detox program. Has ZERO access to his money, and is a prisoner in a veterans "home".

And Fred is just one of many here, that we are discovering, are having the same thing done to them. It seems this place is systematically, and as normal operation policy, stripping veterans of their wealth, or obtaining control of it so that veterans cannot use or access their own money. Reminds me of a cult actually.. but we are finding out this is happening more often than not.

We just had a guy move here last week, and within 4 days the home applied for a state guardian, claiming he was incompetent; he had 14k in his bank account and that is what we think they are really after.

He will be just another victim of this place.

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