Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in progress part 23, Abuse and Neglect of Veterans,

Ok. This one might to make you cry, or want to vomit..

See this guy on the left? They call him Stinky or Crusty. He has been allowed by the medical and social staff here, to remain in the same clothing for over 5 months.

That is correct. This man has been wearing the same Pants (jeans), shirt, and we presume, the same underwear since before Labor day 2011. He has worn that white jacket since December and doesn't even take it off while eating meals in the dining hall. He frequently is seen sleeping in a chair in one of the day rooms, late at night. And when told he needs to take a shower by other veterans, he just laughs in their face.

It is reported that his bed sheets are as black as the color of this word, and that the cleaning people don't even like to go into his room.

And he is not the only one. One other of his 2 room mates also has a problem.

There are others on the unit too. "R" who lives in the room they call the bat cave, "D" who sleeps all day and stays up all night making coffee in the unit pantry. Then there is the roommate of Popeye and big J, who they have named "reek-in-stien".

Apparently these people are being allowed by the staff to go long periods of time without having to practice a basic level of personal hygiene. And in a building where the ventilation system only recycles the air, you can imagine how bad it is.. we end up smelling these walking Stench bombs.

Something has to be done about these guys who are going MONTHS without having to take a shower or change their clothing. I consider this state of affairs to be abuse of veterans and neglect of the veterans. It is so bad, members here are asking to change the name of the building from Rankin to Reekin.

Since most of the windows in the Ranking building cannot be opened, (they are mechanically blocked up so that members cannot open them without removing the blocks), it is all but impossible for members to get fresh air introduced into the building.

So please if you can, call GRH4V and ask them what is being done about Crusty and those like him..,

Thank you.

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