Monday, March 5, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for (?!) Veterans: Crime in progress part 22, Harrassment of Fred continues.

On Wednesday, August 17, 2011, I wrote the piece entitled "Grand Rapids Home for Veterans is STEALING from veterans." and introduced you to Fred. Fred lives on 3 North, a unit located on the North side of the 3rd floor of the McKleish building that is in the center of the GRH4V complex.

This place is constantly harassing Fred. When he goes to the store, they stop him and go thru his bags to see what he bought. They go thru his closet and clothes drawers when he is not in his room.

His power wheel chair is in the repair shop, so they gave him a "loaner" to use, then took that away for no reason.

No reason until now. Now they are openly going after his money again under the excuse of trying to get Fred to stop drinking.

Fred drinks. He is a happy drunk. He does not run his power chair into anyone, does not hit the power doors and knock them off track as so many other people do.

Fred's only crime is that he drinks. - And they do not like it, so they took away his power wheel chair.

Now Fred is reporting that the social worker said that although Fred was not a belligerent drunk, did not cause any trouble while drinking, that they wanted him to stop and are now forcing him to go thru a detox program for 30 days AND then start attending AA meetings against his will.

They once again, froze his bank account and access to his money WITHOUT a court order.

All this because they want to control his money, or find a way to have him declared incompetent so that THEY can obtain control of his money.

Fred also told us that he recently got a letter from the Veterans Administration about a claim that he filed in October of 2011. Just one problem: Fred never filed the claim. Someone here at the home filed it on his behalf without his permission.

Fred says he doesn't need to file anymore claims, he has enough money now, and that if that claim goes thru it will only be more money the home takes (steals) from him, so why should he file for it? The same applies for his social security. He does not need it, so he does not file for it and they keep harassing him about filing for it.

I am tired of watching this man get beat up and harassed, and going thru emotional roller coaster rides because this place keeps messing with him.

We need your help. Please call the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, McKleish unit 3 North and ask them why they are harassing Fred.

Fred is also telling us that they told him the he cannot go out and buy a house because he smokes and drinks, and that the law will not allow him to do either in his own home.. Now if that is not evidence that they are harassing this man, I don't know what is.

They also tell him that they cannot find another retirement home for him to go to, because he smokes and drinks.. well I know of several in the area.. and they would gladly take him.

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