Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Veterans Abusing Staff and Volunteers at the Vets home.

You talk about abuse of the veterans??? Well How about when the veteran is abusing the staff, or the volunteer??

Lately all volunteers are going thru a series of training sessions. And get this, they are told the cannot do anything when they catch a veteran KNOWINGLY cheating, or abusing them.

Well some of the vets heard about this and a few have become real a-holes to the staff. On Guy on Dom unit has become a royal pain already. Threatening to write up several staff members and verbally attacking one of the volunteers who has been serving at the home for over 20 years. Telling him " you can say sh*t to me, don't say a word or I will write you up and get you kicked out of here.
Apparently one volunteer group is threatening to stop going to the home because of this jerk. This is a case where one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch.

This kind of Abuse of Staff and Volunteers BY the veterans themselves cannot be tolerated as there is NO EXCUSE for it.

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