Friday, March 11, 2016

March 2016 Board of Managers Meeting

Guys, post this to the blog - Greg.     (ok, here it is)

Board of Managers Meeting Today. 9 March 2016

Well, Let me start out by saying I am impressed with what I saw today. And this is BEFORE I got my good news, which I will share at the end of this.

Among other people present was the new director of the Mich Dept of Veterans Affairs Agency. Missing was Jim Dunn and Gary Davis, 2 people whose names have been mentioned as the next ones to be removed or who veterans are calling for their resignations.

Two ladies whose father was now at the home, who had been at the home for just 3 months, expressed their concern over the removal of the beer function at Kozy corners, and the possible loss of Kozy corners.. and said members should be allowed to have a beer or glass of wine if their doctors ok it.

Kim Olinger talked about getting new furniture for day rooms.

Lot of changes taking place between administration and BOM, in what they communicate to each other.

Marquette home Dom unit has 11 of 22 beds used.. 50 percent capacity, GRH4V is down to 30 percent capacity.

As expected a lot of hearings with government over the scandals at the home.

The overhaul of the complaint process - Scott reporting vets coming to him saying their problems were addressed quickly.

Checks and balances being imposed on pharmacy department.

Electronic medical records system install will be done by end of month, after that, just tweaking it as everyone will be on it..

I noticed the old admittance office is now the security watch office, where Security monitors various cameras, keeping eyes on veterans..

Reports on audit do not always accurately tell the whole story. Some info used is OLD info.. or focused on 1 bad instance out of 500 good ones.

New manager at gift shop, - its open more than 1 hour a week now.

Reported that the veterans person at Federal Senator Debby Stabinaw's office barley knew there were 2 vets homes in Michigan, and that 1 was in G.R.

new Director of MVAA talked for a while about things..

Talked about the Boards lack of presentation to government and public about long term goals, and projects, which makes it hard to get funding.. how long have they been working on the 4th floor, and when does the 3rd, 2nd and 1st floor renovation begin? (if ever).

Talk of getting funding for a 3rd and 4th home for east side of state and one up by Cadillac. This would reduce the population in GR, and might help with lack of ability to get full staffing.

J2S looses 7 people a week.

Kim talked about the daily announcement that they needed people to stay an extra shift..

Federal level, House Resolution 2460 to provide funding for the new Vets home buildings.

Public comments.. Non resident Nam vet stood up and told us his life story just to tell us he was happy about how things are improving here.. never understood why people have to tell their life story just to say "thanks for doing a good job".


Now the good news.. after the open meeting, but before the board went to a closed meeting to discuss specifics on members, I approached Bob Johnson, Chairman to tell him about this article I had seen about parking signs that said "parking for super hero's only" and in parenthesis, were the words "Veteran or First responder".  I thought it was nice that several cities are now doing that.  

Well Bob said he was glad I came up to him as he had talked to Leslie about my case. Know this, this is the first time I have heard Leslie or Scott speak, (and at this time have yet to meet them) and I was impressed. Bob told me to go talk to Leslie.. the meeting was over so I meandered around and found Scott and introduced myself.. then I found Leslie and again, introduced myself and told her Bob had told me to go talk to her about my case.

Needless to say, 2 things happened. 1 she told me to get a volunteer application for my participation in Guitars for veterans.. and 2, she said there is a new administration in place, and the policies of the old one, are being reviewed and changed and not to worry about coming on property to visit friends. I.E. Sara Dunne's banning vets for life is OVER or probably will be very soon. Leslie knows a lotta guys got kicked out without due process or for political reasons (for speaking up about her). 

The policy of banning people for life from the property is being reviewed by Leslie. She said many changes have happened,and more are on the way.

That news made my day..   - Greg

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