Friday, March 18, 2016

Mark Sutton, Public relations Director for The American Legion Department of Michigan, doesn't have a clue.

Thursday 17 March 2016 at the State of Michigan Joint House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee and the Oversight and Ethics Committee held its last day of hearing testimony from veterans and veterans advocates. The last to speak was Mark Sutton.

Mark Sutton, the public relations director for The American Legion Department of Michigan, "Not everything is bad there," he said. "Not everybody thinks it is a prison."

Well to Mark I have this to say:

Only the ones who recently arrived after Sara Dunne was removed, and Leslie and Scott took over, giving the veterans hope once again,  or the ones whom had muddled minds, or were so doped up from drugs, didn't think it was a prison. Most veterans who were aware of their surroundings and situations, did.

Many MANY veterans were afraid to speak up out of fear of being kicked out of the home - a home that was the only place many of them had that they could even remotely call a home. They watched as veterans were tossed to the street under the Sara Dunne administration and did NOT want to suffer the same, so they suffered in Silence.

Sorry Mark, but you did not live there.. WE DID.. You do not speak for the residents and former residents of that home. Your opinion isn't even close to the horrors many of us witnessed.
Close your eyes to that fact if you will Mark Sutton. It will not change what happened.

Update: I got chewed out by a friend for posting this. Sorry Catherine Buckley, but I was there in Lansing the day Mark Testified. He was the last one to do so. I am an Eye witness to what he said and I will NOT withdraw these comments.  In fact, I am going to post more right after this.

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