Monday, October 6, 2014

State imposed Guardians ad/or Conservatives charge Veterans outrageous fees.

I have in my hands, PROOF of State appointed Guardians stripping veterans of their assets with outrageous charges. In this case the particular Guardian is Cynthia Thornbury.  The very same State appointed guardian who stripped Richard of all of his assets that Richards wife could not protect from Thornbury's greedy hands. I won't even go into the criminal charges that Thornbury should be facing over her accessory to Richards early and untimely death.

Well this bill deals with someone else. And in the past I have told you the reader, about how the Veterans Home has the state impose a Conservator or Guardian on people. And then how these State Appointed people systematically strip the assets from their ward. I have told you the public, several times on this blog, about a number of veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans who were being cheated by these State appointed people who are supposed to be looking out for the veterans, not stealing from them. And I have reported that many do this with the approval of the biggest crook of them all, State Employee David Murkowski, who works as a Judge in the State Family courts.

I am told that when Murkowski found out about this blog, he got angry and yelled in his court that hes trying to help veterans. Apparently this is what Murkowski calls helping veterans.

Lets look at the billing that Cynthia Thornbury gave just one veteran for one (1) months service:

Guardian Ad Litem Fee                          595.00        (Ad litem (Latin: "for the suit")
Lawyer fees (names withheld)                988.00
US Postal Service                                       8.80
Court Appointed Atty Fee                      115.50
Bond                                                       462.00
Conservator fee                                     2997.41
 (what this conservator fee is, I have no idea)

Total:                                                     5167.61

This veterans VA benefits for the month were just under 10,000.00 and she just billed him for over half of that money.. I guess the home gets the other 4.850k for the care of the veteran, right?

And what was this suit for? The suit for imposing this conservator upon the veteran? So now the court appears to be forcing the veteran to pay for his own screwing over.   (Financial rape by the system itself).  Sure looks that way to me. And it is all LEGAL. Legalized theft. Started by the Veterans Home, in this case probably the so called Counselor by the name of Karen Fugi who seems to have a lot of veterans under her care, who have Thornbury imposed on them as either a Guardian or a Conservator.

THEN on  another page I find even more billing! She charged him    

Monthly service charge of 90 dollars a month for services rendered
for 5 months worth of services:                                                            450.00
Other services and contacts                                                                    65.00
Attended court 1.5 hours                                                                        94.50
picked up bond 1.5 hours                                                                       94.50 
Dropped off bond .50                                                                       no charge
met with ward 1.5 hours         billed at 63 dollars an hour                     94.50
Met with wards SW 1.hour                                                                     63.00
Attended court meeting for Conservatorship  1.5 hours                         94.50
Met with Ward and others  1 hour                                                          63.00
Met with bank to open up accounts 1 hour                                            63.00
Met with ward at VA 1 hour                                                                   63.00
Shopping for ward 2 hours                                                               no charge
Met with ward at VA  1 hour                                                                   63.00
Totals                                            this is for 5 months                         1216.38

This person gets 63 dollars an hour for visiting a veteran? LAWYERS don't get that much money an hour.

And this is not seen as theft?!!

And this woman charges 63 dollars for every veteran at the home that she visits.  63 dollars an hour.. my lord that is CEO pay for some major corporation, not some petty conservator.

To me, this document serves as proof that the Conservator/Guardian laws in Michigan need to be challenged..

What is worse, is if this Veteran challenges the state to impose this conservator upon him, the conservator has the legal right to take money from the veteran to pay for his/her (the conservators) legal fees and lawyers to defend against being removed.

In other words the veteran has to suffer thru getting screwed by having to pay for the conservators legal fees. This is insane.

In the case of Richard this same so called Conservator spent thousands of dollars of Richards money on attorney fees for a divorce that neither Richard nor his wife wanted. Yet Richard or his wife have no recourse to hold the crooked guardian accountable for it.

Richard had to pay even more attorney fees and other fees because he tried to get rid of the Guardian, and challenged the Guardian/conservator in Murkowski's court  and again his money was paid to provide the Guardian with an attorney.  Also his wife was threatened by Murkowski, and her lawyer sanctioned by him.

Richard could not use his own money for his own attorney! His wife had to provide that for him.
See the slavery here???

This is what these crooks can do to a Veteran, and its all "legal". I call it abuse.

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  1. I am currently dealing with Cynthia Thornbury as my trustee and have not trusted her from the beginning. Please anyone who has dealt with her please contact me.
    Please email


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