Sunday, October 12, 2014

Double team the Veteran and impose a guardian on him/her, this is SOP at Michigan Veterans Home.

One of the major issues at the Michigan Veterans home in Grand Rapids Michigan, is the way the Administration attempts to impose a Guardian or Conservator (henceforth G/C) on a Veteran who is living at the home.

We have reported 3 cases about this subject, on this blog.
The Guardianship imposed on now deceased Veteran Richard Ware, the Conservator imposed on Fred, and the homes year long attempt to impose a Guardian on Ron because he would not take a drug he did not need.

Today I spent 2 hours on the phone with yet another family being forced to go thru this nightmare. And this time the Veteran already had a guardian, a family member who was unknown to the home, or the home just didn't bother to check their records.

Veterans and their families need to know their rights which are not being told to them by the home's administration. This is an abuse of the Veteran by withholding critical information.

The home is telling veterans that they cannot have anyone with them when they see the doctor who decides if the veteran has lost the capacity to make decisions for themselves. This is not true.

An advocate or a family member can be present.

Here are 2 links for your information.
Details VA Fiduciary - how to, who, rights, etc. <Click here>

You right to have caregiver/rep in room during appointments. <click here>

The process usually involves a Doctor and 2nd person interviewing the Veteran. Without an advocate or witness, this can lead to abuse of the Veteran. The veteran is double teamed, and has little if any recourse unless there is backup in the form of an advocate or witness to the proceedings.

Veterans need to stand up for the rights to prevent the abuse by the Veterans home of having an unnecessary G/C  imposed upon them by the Veterans Homes pet Judge in the Michigan family court, David Murkowski.  Karen Fugi, Social worker at the home is also involved in a lot of these cases.

Also, this Tuesday, 14 Oct 2014, the VA will be holding Fiduciary meetings at the veterans home to inform veterans of their rights to a VA Fiduciary. Please let the guys know about this important meeting. EVERY veteran at the home  need a VA Fiduciary. There is a difference between a VA Fiduciary and a Court appointed Conservator. Veterans and their families need to know the difference.

It is very important that Veterans and their families know about this. It is the G/C program that allows the Veterans home to take control over a veterans money, to force veterans to take drugs they may not want or need, and causes a lot of unnecessary stress on a Veteran and their families.

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