Friday, October 10, 2014

Smoking Tent is UP for Veterans at Vets Home, State Exemption still not approved.

I had to go to the VA clinic today, and stopped in to the Vets Home to say hello to the guys.

I see they put the smoking tent up and found it even had the Heat on already, before the first snow fall. Amazing that someone even bothered.

For all who wonder what this is, here is a map and 2 pictures taken. The vets are blocked out for privacy reasons and due to Home Rules and regulations covering photos taken at the home.

This Pic shows the location of the Smoking tent, near Kozy Corners.

These 2 photos shows the smoking tent, and 1 of the 2 heaters used to keep it warm. Also shown is one of 2 of the "plastic flap" doors to the tent.

Since the Administration has not pushed for, nor the state legislature pushed for the exemption for the veterans like any other retirement home has, the guys and gals here are forced to have to go outside and go to this tent to have their smokes.

Now you may or may not approve of smoking, but many of these guys have done it for most of their lives and deserve to be treated better.

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