Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Poor Judgement, Hipocracy, or just plain lack of Professionalism?

When the Non profit group "Veterans for Justice" formed, by veterans who were living at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans, they inquired the staff if they could hold meetings at the home. Gary Davis, One of the staff members was asked and he checked with then Acting Chief Sara Dunn and the word was they could.

Then the group asked if they could post some fliers, showing the meeting times and such and again the answer was go ahead.

Well, apparently those notices had to be posted in specific areas. I.E the bulletin boards. But someone posted a few in non designated areas.

James Dunn , Chief of Staff, Michigan Dept of Veterans Affairs was seen recently taking down the fliers. He has not approached the Veterans for Justice group nor has he tried to communicate with them in any way.

I am also told, that a veteran member is now claiming he saw Sara Dunne, former director of the kitchens at Grand Rapids Home for veterans, now Chief Administrator, taking down a flier and ripping it up.

Ah..why rip up the fliers? Shouldn't the fliers be returned to the Veterans group with an explanation as to why they were removed?

To me, this shows either poor judgement, Hypocrisy,  and just plain poor professionalism.

This is not good, at a time when the home is under scrutiny by the state legislature due to the complaints about the new non union, non state employee, care givers provided to the home by the private company called J2S.

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