Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans; Is the egg finally cracking?

It would bring tears to my eyes to have this place fully investigated by members of the State congress, so that they can see what Michigan is getting for its tax money.

The fact is not only are donations misused, volunteers abused, and groups wanted to come in and help the veterans refused, the fact is the Homes use of State money, and accounting is just barely up to code.

Yes I am sure they can account for state funds, and show where they go.. but this is supposed to be more than just a place for guys to go and DIE. It is supposed to be their HOME. And right now its not much better than a prison for many.  

It cannot get much worse and the potential for improvement exists every second of every day, if only they had someone who would do the right thing and make it happen.
The fact is, right now you have 2 groups arguing over health care of the veterans.The union and the non union people. And this is just 1 of many big issues that the State and the Administration are not addressing properly.

If you want to find out about them, go talk to the veterans them selves. Don't ask administration, or union people, as their answers will be biased.

In the recent article on WOOD Tv Local channel 8,   State congressman Peter McGreggor is shown stating that he has an ombudsman bill in the state legislature, that would have been beneficial to the current situation.  Under McGreggor's plan, the ombudsman would not be associated with either the Administration, the Michigan Dept of Veteran Affairs, or anyone else and would only be answerable to the Congress or Governor. This Ombudsman would be completely neutral in matters.

As it stands now, one of the Board of Manager people serves as an ombudsman, but he is rarely at the home, so the veterans do not have access to him.

Another State Congress person is show stating that She thinks the congress may have to spend some money to investigate the home.  We can only hope.

Truly the best thing that can happen right now is for members of the Michigan Congress to come to the veterans home and talk to the veterans.. Just 10, to 20 of the Congressmen would be enough. 

Michigan Veterans deserve better. And Michigan taxpayers deserve to have their money spent more wisely and to get better results than what they have been getting.

Perhaps after the congress looks into this, they will want to look at some of the other issues too.

At a time when Michigan's Veteran system is under close scrutiny by Federal officials, it might be a good idea for the State to finally start addressing the issues that it has been ignoring for the last 3 years.

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