Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jimm Dunn lies to the People of Michigan about the state of health care at the Veterans Home.

WOOD TV, in its continual coverage of the problem of the State of Michigan's Veterans home in Grand Rapids health care giver debacle, looks at getting answers about the complaints about the level of care giving at the Veterans Home.

In the video, Michigan Department of Veterans Affairs James Dunn says the home gives excellent health care to the veterans.  LAIR LAIR pants on fire!  Jim you know the home at best provides a minimum amount of healthcare, but its not good enough to be in the excellent quality bracket.

This is more than just a Union verses Non union worker debate. This is about how Michigan Taxpayers money is being spent, and to what result. It is more than just the health care workers from J2S, its about the entire administration of the home from the top down. It is about You Jim Dunn, it is about the board of managers, it is about veterans not having a voice in what is supposed to be their own home, and its about this administration evicting veterans who dare speak up and stand up for their rights and the rights of others.

This home should operate like any other retirement home, with the exception that its reserved for Veterans.
I can tell you this: it doesn't come close. In fact, now that you are locking the windows and doors at night, its become more like a prison than anything.  Is that what Michigan taxpayers are paying for?

Excellent health care? When the guys are not even informed of their medical appointments at the VA clinic, which is right next door to the home? Or they are told 2 days after the appointment that they had one. Is that your idea of excellent health care?

How about the reports of drugging up the veterans so they can't "make waves" or anything because staff doesn't want to have to deal with them? Great health care you say? How come Mac and I had to go to Spectrum health to get our post operative Physical therapy, when the home has a physical therapy room where the staff there told us they could have given us our needed therapy? Mac for his Heart, and me for my replaced knee.

This is more than just the Union care givers Verses the J2S care givers.. This is about the lack of leadership, poor administration, lack of respect being given to veterans by the administration, wasteful spending of Michigan tax dollars, and last, the out right theft, and fraud, imposed on the veterans by the Administration.

Jim Dunn, you need to stop lying about the REAL conditions at the Veterans home.

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