Monday, July 31, 2017

Michigan resident flames AG Schuette

This got sent to me from a 3rd party.. not sure if its real or not, but if it is, THANK YOU JUNE! 

 You hit the nail on the head..

---------- Original Message ----------
From: June Hendricks 
Date: July 28, 2017 at 4:07 PM
Subject: Grand Rapids Home for Veterans

Mr. Schuette,
You're a disgrace to every intelligent person in the State of Michigan.  By charging only the lowest level employees of falsifying records, you have completely ignored the bigger issues.
What about the neglect and abuse of our veterans, some of which has resulted in death?  What about all the money that has just disappeared?  What about the supervisors, managers, and the higher ups? 
You go after the little guy and make headlines.  You protect the bigger guys and no doubt line your pockets and/or campaign chest with the wealth that was stolen from our veterans.
Your office has numerous reports documenting all of this, yet you only have the gonads to go after the little guys.  You should be ashamed!!
I would have supported your run for Governor, but not now.  You have shown your true colors and they are green and yellow.  Green for the greed of the almighty dollar and yellow at the cowardice to seek the truth and prosecute the true offenders.
I will do my best now to make sure everyone knows what you are and I will never support you as a candidate for anything, ever. 
Shame on you, Bill Schuette, SHAME!!

June Hendricks
Allegan, MI

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