Saturday, July 29, 2017

Getting Locked out of Carnval 2017 angers some long time attendees.

Saturday was Carnival day at the Vets home.  The yearly event for residents, family members and guests of Residents. Lots of people volunteer to help out. Many past member residents attend, using the event to visit friends who still live at the home.

But this year was different and some found themselves locked out of the event.Apparently the rules changed due to a problem last year.

This year (and next, so this is a warning to all), you MUST BE PRE-REGISTERED if you THINK you MIGHT attend. No last minute, spur of the moment registrations. They want to know who is there, and who is not.

Doors to the buildings were locked. A few were open, such as the main entrance, and the double doors to the pavilion area, next to Kozy corners. Felt like a lock down at a prison. 

Visitors had to register at the main entrance. Then, walk all the way down to the pavilion area and register again as a guest or a volunteer.  There they got a wrist band. Without it, all they could do is walk around. They could not get any water, drinks, food or whatever without getting a wrist band when they registered.

Before this year, registration was not necessary, but encouraged. This year it was and not everyone knew about it. And since they could not register, many just left and went home, feeling locked out.  And they are not happy about this. Nor are some of the residents.

So once again, we have a case of poor communication, lack of information, that prevented some people from participating in this years carnival, which by the way, is the smallest one I have seen in the last 15 years. And I believe it may get smaller, or just stop, as there will be no need for such an event, when the home's population is 150 or less.

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