Friday, July 8, 2016

Vets home returns to policy of curbing Dorm Unit Vets.

Less than a year since the nightmare of the Sara Dunne administration was stopped and she was removed, a new nightmare faces some residents of the veterans home.They are once again kicking veterans to the street, or "curbing" them.

The former Administration was replaced with not 1 but a unknown number of upper management people. We know both veterans homes have a Daily Operations Officer, and one Chief operations officer, Leslie Shanlain. There now appears to be 1 or more vice presidents or something like that too.

Well under Sara Dunn there was 150 guys and gals in Dorm unit.. when she left there was about 45 left. Now the home is kicking people out again.. this time in an underhanded sneaky way. And its angering a LOT of people.

In this case, one of the residents had a medical condition develop which required him to be temporarily transferred to a nursing unit.

While there they messed up his medication and almost killed him. Then they got it corrected and hes fine now.. but they are telling him he no longer qualified to return to the dorm unit where all his stuff STILL IS.. and have given him until the end of the month to move out of the home.

Grand Rapids is in a housing crisis now, due to the so called good economy here. And there is no law against discriminating against low income people, including disabled vets.

It takes 3 to 6 months to get paperwork thru the system to get a HUD VASH voucher for housing assistance for a veteran  - not 2 or even 3 weeks.

And now we are informed that in case mentioned here,  a new policy that went into effect at the start of the year is why they are claiming that the resident cannot return to the Dorm unit.. which I think is BULLSH*T.  They told him the move was temporary, not permanent, and implied he would be returning to Dorm unit, not being kicked to the curb

This is not good. This individual already paid his cost of care this month and has no money to move with. They waited to inform him until AFTER he paid his monthly cost of care. Now they want him to move out by the end of the month. HOW? They took all his money but 100 bucks.. Do they think he can move on 100 dollars??! Are they that insane?  They must be.

Basically they are getting rid of another Dorm unit Veteran using some stupid excuse or reason to do so.

This is supposed to be a HOME for veterans, not a place to abuse them.. What they are doing to this guy is nothing but abuse. And its a return to old policies that are NOT in best interests of the Veterans.

The new administration is just as bad as the old, and costs taxpayers of Michigan even more money than before.

Nothing has changed. Except the names and the faces that go with them.

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  1. The new administration over the home have no ideal what they are doing. Scott B. Have been harassing the nursing staff (RNs) since day one he came onboard. Every week they bring in a new vice President @ the Vet's home wasting money, This new group of administration are a Big nightmare, from their actions they have never worked in a medical facility before making nursing decision with no nursing licenses. This group need go, the home need an administrator with a musical background, a doctor/ nurse. Not the clowns in charge of the Vet's home today. As of last week they post 18 nursing position, in one facility who in the world would do something like that, who's taken care of the sick Veterans.


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