Saturday, June 18, 2016

Veterans Home new CEO Leslie Shanlian's reputation with the Veterans takes a hit.

As news that former head administer Sara Dunne was returning to the home late at night, the veterans anxiety level at the home increased, and their trust of the new Administration decreased.

As one veteran stated, "We now know Leslie is just another (Governor) Snyder puppet, sent here to do what he wants, and will probably help cover up the wrong doings of the Dunne administration."

Veterans are frustrated that Shanlian knew of Dunnes returning and did nothing to prevent it.

After months of testimony to the State congress, much of it in writing and some of it in person during hearings held in Lansing, and a special hearing held at the Grand Rapids home for Veterans, where veterans testified about their fear of Dunne and the abuse Veterans had to withstand under her administration,  the Veterans are angered and worried that the administration has allowed Dunne to return.

The Veterans want her banned from the property until all investigations and audits are completed.

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