Monday, July 13, 2015

Slander or Proof of Incompetency?

Slander or Proof of Incompetency?  You be the judge.

Veterans home board of managers meeting minutes made public, for the month of April 2015,  and I quote:

" Previous member with questionable history would like to come back to visit friends at the Home. Need board recommendation.
"Motion to continue to restricted visitation for this member at the home by manager Okerstrom, supported by manager Meyers. A letter of the board will be sent to him. "

While the former Resident (member) of the home is not named most of us know who it is.

His history at the home is well documented and there should be NO question of it.

Is this proof of the board of managers stupidity, or incompetenance, or is it their attempt to slander the mans reputation?

Or is it their response to this Blog?

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