Thursday, July 16, 2015

GRH4V Board of Managers, Setting the example of double standard at the home?

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I am being told that the Board of Mangers has a set of rules that they are supposed to go by, that governs them.  One of these rules is about a manager whose time on the board has expired, but for whom a replacement has not yet been assigned. Under this rule, the existing outgoing manager is to stay active on the board until his or her replacement is picked and is read to assume the duties of a manager.

I am told one such outgoing manager has tried to follow this rule, but is being blocked from attending and voting on issues by the other board members.

Apparently, there is a lot of chit chat and voting on issues going on, outside the monthly meetings that no one else knows about.

In other words, the actions of this Board of Managers is not transparent, and they need oversight.

IF it is true that the other members of the board are preventing the outgoing manager from doing his or her job, until their replacement is appointed, then this board is doing the same thing that the administration of the home does - selective application of the rules, instead of all rules applying equally to all members.

No wonder the residents feel like its a prison.

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