Sunday, July 28, 2013

Top Administrator again shows double standard to veterans at Veterans home.

Saturday 27 July 2013, the veterans home held its yearly carnival for the veterans and their families over in the bandstand area, which is located between the VA clinic and the Home.

Attending the event as a guest of one of the veterans was Greg M, who last year was dishonorably discharged from the home after he blew his cork, when the home threatened to steal his car, (have it towed off the property) when it was parked in a proper area.  Greg had been going back to the home for the last 3 months, visiting veterans. He talked with security, and head of security Gerald, and not one told him to leave.

But when Top administrator Sara Dunn saw him at the carnival, she told Gary Davis to tell him that he was now supposed to be on the property. This after she denied him due process of any kind on his case. And she did not have the guts to tell Greg himself.  Sara expects others to follow the rules, but not herself.

When Greg went thru the start point with his Veteran friend, and it was Gary Davis who confronted Greg. Greg told Gary, that he was not on the security's list of "do not allow on property". And that the had been coming to the home for 4 months with no problem.  He also told Gary, that if they had a problem with him being there as a guest,  to tell him to leave and he would go peacefully. Gary did not tell him to leave.

This is the kind of harassment veterans have to put up with by this administration.  This on top of the fact that Sara Dunn again failed to grant the veteran his due process, when Greg gave her his 2nd appeal to the board of managers on the 6th of June. She did not notify him of the July board meeting, where Greg was to present his 2nd appeal.

He will be at the next board of managers meeting. What happens after that, will depend on what the board does. However, it is known that Greg has lawyers ready to take this to the next level if necessary.

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