Sunday, July 28, 2013

Members of Veterans home want to talk to Federal officals about veterans home.

Harassment of veterans at the veterans home is hitting a new time high. Recently State Representative Winnie Brinks went to the home to talk to one of the guys, and was escorted off the property, and the next day called for an investigation of the home.

One of the comments made by Representative Brinks was she was concerned over the fact that the guys were extremely worried about being seen with any official.

Well the fact is the guys live in fear of talking to any one, if the staff is present. All the guys live in fear of repercussions for doing so, and history of the home shows that people that speak up, get targeted and eventually get kicked out of the home. Just for exercising their 1st amendment rights.

The fact is many of these veterans want to talk to federal officials about what is happening at the home and about the abuses by the staff members and administration. And to be able to do so without harassment of the staff for doing so.

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