Friday, January 27, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in Progress. Part 17

Abuses by the new J2S health care workers.

Remember, up until recently the health care workers were state employees, many with years on the job.

Now the J2S people are coming in and hell is starting to be raised. THIS part of the ongoing series about what is happening to GRH4V will be updated as needed to notify you readers of reports of wrong doing by these new J2S workers.

Today's report is about Shutting off the TV's. Many members watch TV at night in their rooms, as they have individual tv's. This is allowed as long as the other room mates do not object and they use headphones after 10pm, and before 6am, which is lights out time according to the member handbook.

It is being reported that on one unit, new health care workers are shutting down TV's at 11pm, even taking the remote controls out of members hands and shutting off the TV's themselves, when a member protests and says they will not shut off their TV's.
These new health care workers do not have the right to be ordering members around - that is for administration staff, medical staff, and counselors.

The J2S health care workers are there to wipe noses, butts, change diapers, help members with tasks, not to order them to do or not to do things that up until now, have been done by members for years.

More later.

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