Thursday, January 26, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in progress part 16

LMAO.. Rumor control is reporting that this morning the board of directors held a meeting here at the home.
Present were some volunteers, some staff, a news reporter, and staff was headed by Doctor Edgar, who was filling in for the acting director Sara Dunn who is on vacation.

One of the volunteers told us today that the Board of directors did not know, that the 4th floor of the Mann building is being shut down and members (veterans) are being moved to other floors. The purpose of shutting down the floor, is being explained to members, that they are going to renovate it, but staff members are telling veterans (members) that they are shutting it down to save money.

And some people got laid off again, and it did not go by seniority, but by random whim of some unknown person and NO ONE ON THE BOARD of DIRECTORS knew this stuff was going on!

And that is exactly what the veterans have been complaining about for over a year. NO continuity from the administration, no accountability and we ( the tax payers and veterans) are paying for it all.

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