Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans - Crime in progress part 6

Well, today's posting from the Rumor mill.

It has been told to me, by several members here, that a man named Albert, from Rankin 2, had 5,000 dollars stolen from him by the home, and that he got angry and told them he was moving out. These same people told me that the Home told Albert he could not leave, and he told them to watch him go, and he was out that very day. Since then I have been told by 3 others, that Albert has obtained the services of 2 very well known attorneys, and will be suing GRH4V for damages, AND he wants at least one of the people involved, to be fired and/or put in jail.

Also from the Rumor mill, Sara Dunn, the acting director has been written up for dressing unprofessionally. I.E. Wearing short skirts, so that her thong is seen when she bends over.

The girlfriend of one of Rankin 3's counselors, ( I think she is a nutritionist) should also be written up for dressing unprofessionally. She wears flip flops, the kind you wear in a shower, to work. This is not the proper dress attire for a state worker in a medical facility.

Also, the Ranking 3 Counselor Dwight and his girlfriend (mentioned above) have BOTH been caught taking tomatoes out of the members garden area. If that area is for members, then what are they doing picking fruits and taking them? What else have they taken from members, for which they have no business doing?

Fact: The problem with the Sloppy Joe sandwiches served at meals, got fixed, then the Bell View Geniuses screwed it up again. The got rid of the finely ground beef that had the consistency of baby food, and replaced it with something more to the style that should be used in Sloppy Joes. Then the idiots added Pinto Beans to the mix. When asked about it, Renee, the main nutrition person, said " well that's the way we do it now". People are again rejecting the Sloppy Joes.

Also, the same idiots decided to try to make the Sour Kraut go a little further. More than a dozen members came up to me and told me that their Sour Kraut was 3/4ths ONIONS! Mine was the same way, but I thought it was just a badly mixed batch of it. No, it now appears the home is trying to stretch the food budget by making cuts and using a lot of useless "filler" items that are changing the very food item itself.

They already use too much tomato based stuff. Now this.

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