Thursday, August 25, 2011

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans - Crime in progress part 7

The widow finally gets her due.

Finally after giving this person plenty of changes, I am happy to report that Annette, aka the "black widow" of Rankin 3, has finally gotten her just deserts by being given 10 days out.

Annette, a female veteran, has a severe drinking problem, a man hating attitude, and a big mouth that loves to cuss up a storm when shes been drinking.

Annette hates authority. Over the last year she has had numerous altercations with volunteer groups and individual volunteers. She has been banned from several volunteer bingo's, and yet despite her cussing out people, yelling threats to them, she never got any time out. She always claims it is racist based, and that people pick on her because she is black. - BULL CRAP!

Well, this last time she was again drunk. Got into an altercation with some volunteers who came in to give us a picnic and cussed them out too. She again claimed racism. But this time she also came back to Rankin and starting trying to start fights with any one she could find. She was yelling that the "men were weak" here. Yet when she needed a friend, she went to another guy's room, and talked to Wayne, a white guy. If men are weak, why did she need Wayne? Wayne knew what was going on and didn't want anything to do with it.

8 altercations in the last 9 months without any time outs. If it had been a guy, like Ronnie G., for example, he would have been kicked out immediately (and he was). He got 3 strikes and is now banned from here. She has had 8 strikes before they gave her any time outs.

And now she is gone for a 10 day period and I must say, Rankin 2 and 3 is again, nice and quiet, the way it should be. I just hope it isn't too long before they get rid of her completely.

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