Monday, February 22, 2016

Good news, Finally.

After suffering years of neglect, and being treated quite badly, the veterans at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans are finally getting some justice and relief.

After the firing of temporary turned permanent administrator Sara Dunne, and after the recent dismal audit of the home revealed continuous problems at the home, the new administration is busy repairing the damages. 

The NEW leadership is putting the home back on track and getting things accomplished. Moral is improving among the veterans who live there.

As CEO Leslie says, " this problem was not created over night, it will not be solved over night, but we are working on it",  and she is.  Already several key problems have been directly addressed and new procedures put in place.. Both state and contract workers have been warned: Do your job or get fired. Several already have been and some same more firings are to come.

Either way it means that someone in charge once again not only cares about veterans, but actually knows how to do it.

And the best part is they are showing this to be true with their ACTIONS, and not just lip service.

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