Thursday, November 13, 2014

Privatization Care Givers Quit in Protest at Veterans Home.

I am getting reports from several Veterans and a number of J2S workers, about this.
It has not yet been confirmed, but I keep hearing that 17 J2S health care workers (care givers) quit this week in protest of working conditions, bad management, and low pay; leaving the home short staffed with RN's having to do 1 on 1 care for veterans. Which for many, is something they have not had to do in years. 

The complaints I hear are having to do overtime when ever its demanded with little or no prior notice; difficult to do when you are a single parent and need to arrange extended child care. 

Another is poor management and supervision.

One J2s worker got written up for getting a lady veteran a drink of water because the RN's wanted the lady to do it herself. 

Another one said half the time they are told to do stuff they have not been trained to do, or told not to do the things they were trained to do. Many said that the frustration level is very high and that many of the workers are now saying it is not worth the low pay they are getting to put up with poor management and difficult veterans when they have a bad day. 

Many said they do not expect to be with J2S for more than 1 year.

This is NOT what James Dunn Deputy Director Michigan Veteran Affairs, keeps telling our state legislature. He keeps telling them that our guys are getting top quality care. This is not possible, if they have 17 people quitting at the same time for the same reasons. Privatization of the health care workers is NOT working. Our vets deserve better.


ANY former J2S worker who would like to come forward anonymously is encouraged to drop us a private note and tell us why they quit, and what their complaints are.  

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