Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Tiffiny Carr needs to shut her mouth before its too late.

This is Tiffany Carr, the person who has been in charge of the veterans home activities department.

She has a bad habit. She runs her mouth about things she knows nothing about and it's going to get her into big trouble soon.

I have spoken to this woman only twice in the 2 years I was at the home. Once to say "oh so you are Tiffany," and the other was when I was riding the newly donated recumbent trike bike, donated to the home by Ambucs, out in the front main entrance driveway. There she took my picture which later appeared in the 2012 Vets home calendar. That is all the interaction I have had with her directly.

Indirectly this so called college educated person accused me of crashing the homes computer system when I was down loading a large set of emails. DUH! And she had to use someone else as a puppet to even approach me with the subject because she herself admitted at a Dorm Unit meeting that she knew nothing about computers.  This is well documented.

But since I have left the home, this woman has twice ran her mouth slandering my name and character to groups of people who have influence at the home or in Michigans' department of  Veterans Affairs.  And that is just not right. (Both of those incidents have been documented and witnessed testimony has been obtained.)

 It shows a very low level of poor professionalism, lack of maturity, lack of intellect, and can open her up to civil suits to recover damages which result from her flapping her lips.

Her most recent episode of self mutilation of her own character and her attempt to defame mine, occurred at the VFW's meeting of Hospital chair representatives.

I all ready have depositions from 4 witnesses to the event, and I need just one more incident and she will need a darned good lawyer to get her out of the mess she is creating.

This is the kind of professionals that are running the Veterans home and may very well be the reason why so many activities for the veterans which use to take place, are no longer available to them. It may be the reason why so many volunteer groups and individuals have left the home swearing not to return until the administration is replaced.

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