Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Veteran kicked out of Veterans home for parking in the wrong area?

Mac, keep up the good work and please post this to your blog. It upset me when I heard how they kicked you out, and I want my opinion heard. Thanks, Michelle V.

Ok Michelle, thanks for writing. Here it is folks, her letter to me, all I did was copy it word for word.

  I understand how you could have been upset over finding the threat of having your car towed when it was parked at the building where you lived. How did they expect you guys to park in the designated area, when their own workers were taking the spots that were supposed to be reserved for veterans? Did those spots have any kind of notice of reservation on them?  And didn't you say that you never got one of those notices put on your car, that told people about the upcoming winter parking policy?

I know you told me the reason they kicked you out was because of how you responded to the threat of having your car towed, and that you thought they were stealing it. But  it seems to me, they had other reasons to get rid of you, and this parking thing was only the means to justify the ends. It was a tool to get you to act in a fashioned that would allow them to to justify evicting you from the home, your medical condition not withstanding.

IF I were in your situation I would have thought that they were threatening to steal my car. I mean, how do they expect you guys to pay to get your cars out of impound, when you only get 5 dollars a week? Or the 100 dollars if you have a disability pension?  It would cost about a minimum of over 200 dollars just to pay the towing fee, let alone the 35 dollars or more a DAY impound fee. Really I don't see how you guys could afford to get the car out of impound. Maybe this was a way to try to get you to give up your car and become more dependent on the home, or the government.

I know that if you live there, you get a tag that has to be placed on your rear view mirror, that the security people can see, and the security people also have a list of license plate numbers so that they know which cars belong to veterans.  They had to have know it was your car, and that you were living at the home when they put the towing ticket on the window. This makes me think you were targeted.

Didn't you say 3 other people got tickets, or something similar? I thought I recall  you saying 2 guys were told to remove their cars because the cars didn't run at all, but were parked out in back somewhere where they were not taking up any prime parking spaces.

I hope your 2nd appeal goes well. You have a tough battle ahead of you.

Michelle V.

(last name withheld to protect rights to privacy) - The Ed.

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