Saturday, February 11, 2012

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans: Crime in progress part 19

Balancing the operating budget on the backs of veterans. VETERANS now being charged for healthcare that is supposed to be already paid for.

Today I was sitting outside in the make shift smoking area, where 2 overhead heaters barely kept the little hut warm enough to stay in. This smoking "hut" is located in the Kozy Corners outside pavilion, and is basically a 30 foot by 20 foot area, that has removable canvas walls, and 2 hanging vertical blind type doors made of long clear plastic that is 8 inches across.

Well, I was informed today that Some 100 percent disabled Veterans are now being charged for their medical care.

Four different veterans told me that as of January of this year, the home is sending them bills for their health care, despite being paid over 6 thousand dollars a month for room and board.

As a standard, a veteran who is 100 percent service connected disabled, does NOT have to pay to be here, and that includes health care.

But if they get sent out for anything, that is, if they have to go to one of the local hospitals, they are now being told they have to pay for it in addition to the costs they are already paying with their disability checks from the Veterans Administration (which covers their cost of living here).

I have no idea what is going on, but it sounds like someone is trying to get more money than they are allowed to be taking.. In other words, more stealing from veterans.

I see this as trying to balance their budget on the backs of veterans. They claim they are loosing over 18 thousand a day, due to the "privatization" fiasco.

Either way this is NOT right, and we are looking into it. A son of a veteran who is here, told me that when he got the bill for his fathers outside health care (trip to the local hospital) he took it to a lawyer who told him not to pay it, because his father is 100 percent military related disabled.

Well, we will see what happens.. I will post more on this, in this section of the blog, when I find out more.

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