Sunday, July 24, 2011

Congress guilty of destorying the American dream for anyone born after 1960.

I never thought it possible, but the proof is beyond question.
The American Dream my Grand Fathers enjoyed, which was my inheratance, was stolen from me by the office of the US Presidency, and the US congress, in 2 different acts of congress, and approved by the Presidency.

The first act was under President Johnson, who Broke open the Social Security trust fund, which at the time as OFF LIMITS to congress. Doing what he did, Johnson and the communistic liberals in Congress stole the future retirements of millions of Americans, and left even more with higher future taxes.

The Second act, is illustrated by the photograph of immigration.
The Green Tube represents the national average immigration from 1776 to 1965, about 250,000 per year. Or one quarter of a million. This represents the largest scale of immigration that any country anywhere in the world had seen since records started being kept on the subject.
Another 250,000 or quarter of a million were estimated to be illegals,
So, from 1776 to 1965, some 94.5 million people immigrated to the USA over a 189 year time period.

Then congress opened the immigration flood gates. 1 million per year, plus another million illegals. That is about 4 times the normal rate.
Since 1965 to 2010, approximately 253 million people have immigrated here lawfully in just under 47 years. And an additional 253 million ILLEGALS have also come.
That means in 47 years, we added over 506 million people in 47 years.

The new immigration rate is 5.35 times that of previous traditional immigration rates, and our country has SUFFERED because our standard of living has dropped, because we were not able to assimilate these people into our culture quickly as we did in previous years.

Now congress is demanding those of us who are the tail end of the baby boomers, and the Generation X'ers, all work longer and harder for the American Dream that THEY STOLE.

No not the current members of congress, but the idea of congress itself is responsible for what has happened. Previous members of congress responsible for this, are now old and either dead or near death. And they passed the buck on for the damage they did, as do all congress people.

And that is how your American dream got destroyed.

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